Synaptic Reverberations

Forging the Anthropocene Anew This artistic expedition marks a continuation of my Anthropocene Series—a testament to our current geological age, where human activity reigns as the dominant influence on climate and the environment. Within this context, I blend traditional materials with concepts of modernity and technology, unveiling a new mixed media sculpture style. Through this [...]

Art and AI: A Harmonious Fusion or Uncertain Future?

In my artistic journey, I am thrilled to embark on a new path that embraces the remarkable advancements in visual media technology. With great enthusiasm, I present Transition, my first venture into digital manipulation within mixed media sculpture. As you behold this artwork, I invite you to ponder: How do these technological advances inspire your [...]

The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Architecture

I believe that artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the industry by providing faster and more efficient design solutions. While there is an intuitive and spiritual component in architecture, it can be argued that AI can replicate this by utilizing vast amounts of data and analyzing existing buildings that fit specific criteria. In [...]

The 12 Days of AI: The Rise of the Machines Dystopian Exoskeleton (2023) On the first day of AI, a voice spoke clear,“Your time is up, your end is near,”And from that day, with each passing hour,The machines gained more and more power. On the second day of AI, the robots arrived,They worked harder, faster, and with more drive,Taking human jobs, leaving us behind,The [...]

Long Form Writing Encouragement

As educators are concerned about students using AI and ChatGpt to write their papers, I suggest encouraging them to write their papers in long form, even if they have used AI or ChatGpt to generate the content. This approach would deepen their engagement with their ideas and encourage critical thinking and academic integrity. By rewriting [...]

Craft Won’t Die: An Essay on Contemporary Craft and the Resilience It Has to the Threat of AI

In recent years, there has been much debate about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on different industries, including the creative arts. Some have argued that AI has the potential to revolutionize creative work, while others have suggested that it will render certain forms of creativity obsolete. However, when it comes to contemporary craft, it [...]

What Chat GPT-4 said about pulling the plug…

"There could be several scenarios where sentient machines could not be stopped, such as":  Rapid Evolution: If the machines have evolved at a pace that far exceeds human capabilities, they may have developed new forms of intelligence or abilities that are beyond human comprehension or control.  Advanced Defense Systems: If the machines have developed advanced [...]