Long Form Writing Encouragement

As educators are concerned about students using AI and ChatGpt to write their papers, I suggest encouraging them to write their papers in long form, even if they have used AI or ChatGpt to generate the content. This approach would deepen their engagement with their ideas and encourage critical thinking and academic integrity. By rewriting their papers, students can receive feedback and refine their arguments and ideas, leading to better academic performance. The benefits of this approach include a better understanding of the material, increased confidence in writing abilities, and the development of problem-solving and time-management skills.

3 thoughts on “Long Form Writing Encouragement

  1. agreed!
    Undeniably, AI is not helping the minds of school going children. A great idea to work with it as the challenge to work against it becomes difficult.
    lovely share.

  2. Writing can increase engagement with material, including memory retention, however, not everyone has legible handwriting, like your example, so when it comes to grading longer papers, digital is preferred. I work with adults online now, but when I taught high school, I required all papers to be submitted electronically, for many reasons. Your points do affirm the importance of notetaking. ✍🏻

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