Jingdezhen Videos (part 2)

Browsing thru pottery at the dragon kiln
Dragon kiln
Ancient Yaoli streets
Jingdezhen countryside drive
Driving back to Taoxichuan
Driving the backroads of China
Amazingly huge pots
Masterful perfection in the JDZ studio
Not so masterful
Saying goodbye to the resident artist, David Derksen
Saying goodbye to Paolo Porelli
Lori-Ann Touchette and Paolo Porelli’s last night in Jingdezhen
The tenements of Jingdezhen (part 1)
The tenements of Jingdezhen (part 2)
The tenements of Jingdezhen (part 3)
Walking in JDZ
Slipcasting in JDZ factory
Walking in China is dangerous
Scavengers from a bygone era
Everything was being torn down to make room for progress
Loading the carousel kiln
The factories pumping out the work were huge
Heavy equipment demolition
Born on the Baijui. The factories are immense and sprawling.
The ladies of the Jingdezhen decal factory.