Jingdezhen Videos (part 1)

Ladies gardening in the middle of the night
Corn monger in Yaoli
Paolo Porelli walking over the river in Yaoli
Mitchell and Paolo figuring out the kiln
Kiln fabricators are everywhere in Jingdezhen
Jingdezhen wet market
Washing lettuce in Yaoli
Driving home from Yaoli
Yaoli street scene
Cabbage-draped bridges in Yaoli
Drying cabbage in Yaoli
He had no idea where Florida was
Propane man
Playing with fireworks (part 1)
Playing with fireworks (part 2)
Washing laundry in Yaoli
Bacon and cabbage on clotheslines
Tea tasting in Yaoli
Walking thru the ancient village of Yaoli
Laundering in the river
More laundry
The river
A little help with the baijui
Awesome lunch in the country
Baijui bottle factory in Jingdezhen
They’re tearing everything down in JDZ
Rubble in Jingdezhen
Leaving my apartment in Taoxichuan
Woman carving a porcelain sink in the Moiidea factory in Jingdezhen
Caroline Cheng was so kind as to give me a personal tour of The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen. This place is incredibly awesome and Caroline is too!

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