Shangyu, China – Celadon Capital of the World

A UNESCO world heritage site

The International Celadon Center

Bai Ming is a renowned Chinese ceramic artist and painter, Director of Department of Ceramic Art at Tsinghua University, and Executive Vice Director of Art Museum at Tsinghua University.

Bai Ming is the Director of The Shangyu International Celadon Center

He is a member of International Academy of Ceramics (IAC), Secretary-General of the Ceramic Art Council of China Artists Association (CAA), and a member of CAA and China Oil Painting Society. Bai Ming has held solo exhibitions in America and France, including the “Oriental Ceramic Story” exhibition in Paris, curated by Yin Jinan, and “Bai Ming” exhibition in Museum Cernuschi, listed as a key project of “the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-France Diplomatic Relations” by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese Ministry of culture, and Chinese Culture Center.

Bai Ming has published 14 personal works collections and written 28 volumes of 11 books.

This was everybody at the Center getting together for one last picture.

During the beginning of 2017, I had the opportunity to create some exciting and new sculptural works at the Celadon Center where I spent 2 months. It was an inspiring experience that allowed me to explore my creativity and produce these pieces.

Superstitions Series (2017)


Twin Superstitions (2017), 55″h x  32″w x 32″d, Ceramic

Moving and installation video of Twin Superstitions

Little Phobias (2016-17)

Little Phobias range between 16″ and 24″ in height and are all high-fired porcelain, slipcast & reassembled

Click HERE to see inside the studioDinosaur Platters (2016- 17)

Dinosaur Plate 1

Dinosaur Platter #1, 30″h x 30″w, Ceramic, Plastic, Poly Resin


Dinosaur Platter #2, 30″h x 30″w, Ceramic, Plastic, Poly Resin


Dinosaur Platter #3, 30″h x 30″w, Ceramic, Plastic, Poly Resin

(Click here for studio pictures)

16x48 me montage shangyu
Crazy hair

This was my exit interview with the people at the Celadon Center

Shangyu International Celadon Center interview

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