Synaptic Reverberations

Forging the Anthropocene Anew This artistic expedition marks a continuation of my Anthropocene Series—a testament to our current geological age, where human activity reigns as the dominant influence on climate and the environment. Within this context, I blend traditional materials with concepts of modernity and technology, unveiling a new mixed media sculpture style. Through this [...]

Art and AI: A Harmonious Fusion or Uncertain Future?

In my artistic journey, I am thrilled to embark on a new path that embraces the remarkable advancements in visual media technology. With great enthusiasm, I present Transition, my first venture into digital manipulation within mixed media sculpture. As you behold this artwork, I invite you to ponder: How do these technological advances inspire your [...]

Finding Inspiration and Staying True to Oneself

As an artist, I am constantly searching for creativity. Every day presents a new challenge, a new opportunity to explore the world around me, and to create something new and exciting. My medium is abstract sculpture, and I love working with ceramics, paper, wood, and mixed media. Each material presents its own unique set of [...]