Anthropocenic Ceramics

Man in the Anthropocene Age. The Anthropocene age is the scientific term of our current geological period, described as the epoch in which man’s activities started having significant global impact on the earth’s ecosystems.

Man-made disasters triggered by cataclysmic events are themes found in my sculpture. The techniques used to create these works represent man’s ability to push the limits of balance and control. The colors represent elements of nature under extreme duress which are punctuated by the blackness that represents uncertainty and ambiguity.

My hope is that mankind will have the wisdom to see that natural order exists, one that is greater than man, and one that demands a harmonious relationship with man in order for him to realize the fullness of creativity now found only in the dreams of the visionary.

Yellow Thorn Bush (2015) Slipcast & Reassembled

American Thorn Bush (2015), Slipcast & Reassembled

Cascading Bird Enclosure (2015), Slipcast & Reassembled

Trophy (2016), Slipcast & Reassembled Ceramic

Fukushima (2012), Slipcast & Reassembled Ceramic

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