The Mask Project


The launch of Kosmask in Atlanta (2018)

The Mask Project had been a long-held aspiration of mine. In the past, I had crafted large wall masks from ceramic, but their weight made shipping them a cumbersome endeavor. However, with this new line of masks, I employed durable ABS material, resulting in a lightweight 4-pound mask.

Ray Nichols

Each mask measured 35″h x 22″w x 13″d, and my intention was to create each one as a unique piece of art. To achieve this, I collaborated with various established artists to contribute to the surface design. The launch of this venture took place in July of 2018, at The Atlanta Merchandise Mart. Below, you can see examples of both the raw product and designs.

Artist Liu Xi showcasing the plain ABS masks

Austyn Taylor (2019)

Colorful Designs


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