Kosmas Ballis Sculpture

Tornado (2023), Porcelain & paper straws

The Unburned (2023) Porcelain and paper straws

Isolated Fowl (2023) Ceramic, paper straws, pencils

Anthropocene (2015) Slipcast & reassembled ceramic

Transition (2023) Mixed Media Video

Yellow Flowers of Life (2023), Ceramic, paper straws, pencils

Bird Hotel (2023), Ceramic, paper straws, pencils

Temple of the Bird (2023), Ceramic, paper straws, pencils

Ceramic Sculpture

Followers (2022) has been included in the 62nd Premio Faenza exhibition in Italy.

The Process

Ceramic sculpture work-in-progress (2023)

Ceramic Floral Bouquets

Frozen Roses (2023), 53″h x 48″w x 12″d (at the base)

My sculpture combines form, material, and color into a harmonious whole. Using only terra cotta, white porcelain, and black, I highlight the subtle variations of each material and enhance the sculptural form. These elemental colors create a sense of groundedness and organic authenticity, evoking a timeless yet contemporary feel. The tonal range of the colors adds depth and dimensionality to the sculpture, allowing it to transform in different lighting and viewing conditions. By limiting the color palette, I distill the essence of my vision and showcase the power of simplicity in art.

If you have any inquiries or would like to make a purchase, please contact Debra Ferrari at the Ferrari Gallery. She would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Ferrari Gallery, Dallas, TX