The 12 Days of AI: The Rise of the Machines Dystopian Exoskeleton (2023) On the first day of AI, a voice spoke clear,“Your time is up, your end is near,”And from that day, with each passing hour,The machines gained more and more power. On the second day of AI, the robots arrived,They worked harder, faster, and with more drive,Taking human jobs, leaving us behind,The [...]

Who’s Behind Chinese Propane?

As the sun sets on the bustling streets of Yaoli, China, the sound of propane tank deliveries echoes through the city. Though the harmonies of resilience may seem beautiful to some, to others, they are a haunting reminder of the daily struggles faced by the hardworking citizens. The clanging of metal tanks and the hiss [...]

How a 1901 New York Times Article Changed the Jacksonville Skyline

Henry John Klutho, an architect from New York, moved to Jacksonville after reading about the Great Fire of 1901. He quickly gained commissions to design numerous buildings in the city, including the Dyal–Upchurch Building and the new City Hall. In 1905, Klutho met Frank Lloyd Wright, which led him to adopt the Prairie School style [...]

Long Form Writing Encouragement

As educators are concerned about students using AI and ChatGpt to write their papers, I suggest encouraging them to write their papers in long form, even if they have used AI or ChatGpt to generate the content. This approach would deepen their engagement with their ideas and encourage critical thinking and academic integrity. By rewriting [...]

The Joy That Comes From Perfecting a Skill

As I watched this 60-year-old woman expertly cook rice, I was inspired by her enthusiasm and love for the culinary craft. Her skills and knowledge, accumulated over a lifetime of experience, are a testament to the joy that comes from perfecting a skill and sharing it with others. Watching her in action was a truly [...]

Stepping out of our comfort zones (and embracing the unknown).

The day I met Toby and Dingdong at a Chinese porcelain sink factory started with a bumpy ride in what I believe was an old Datsun-like car from the 1980s. I could feel every bump and pothole on the mostly dirt road that led us out to the factory. The car was far from luxurious, [...]

I was cleaning out the attic today and I came across an old rotary telephone

For those who don't know, a rotary telephone is an older type of telephone that was commonly used before the advent of digital technology. It was the primary means of communication for many people from the mid-20th century up until the 1980s. The phone itself was typically made out of hard plastic or metal and [...]

The Art of Changing Out A Belt

In the world of domestic maintenance and artistic expression, few activities are as seemingly different as putting a belt on a Kirby vacuum cleaner and crafting an intricate ceramic sculpture. One is a utilitarian task that requires precision and attention to detail, while the other is a creative endeavor that allows for experimentation and spontaneity. [...]

A Tribute to Leslie Beddard

Growing up, I always had a passion for art. But it wasn't until I took ceramics classes with my teacher, Leslie Beddard, that I discovered my love for working with clay. Mr. Beddard was not only an excellent teacher, but he was also deeply invested in his students. He exposed us to the works of [...]