72 Seconds

The Chiaroscuro of Soul's Lament: Echoes Within the Absence of Being https://videopress.com/v/tvcZRTBY?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&autoPlay=true&loop=true&playsinline=true&preloadContent=metadata&useAverageColor=true In the enigmatic realm where temporal intricacies converge with conceptual depths, "72 Seconds" emerges as a testament to the interplay between fleeting moments and the profound existential tapestry that unfolds within them. As a sculptural embodiment of temporal fluidity, this work seeks to [...]

The Art of Changing Out A Belt

In the world of domestic maintenance and artistic expression, few activities are as seemingly different as putting a belt on a Kirby vacuum cleaner and crafting an intricate ceramic sculpture. One is a utilitarian task that requires precision and attention to detail, while the other is a creative endeavor that allows for experimentation and spontaneity. [...]