Desolate Devotion

Shadows shift, silence seethes Sorrowful soul, secrets sheathed Stifling stillness, shattered soul Suffocating sadness, sinking whole. Inky abyss, endless night Eroding emotions, eerie sight Empty echoes, eerie cries Endless agony, endless lies. Desolate dreams, dead desires Deceptive devotion, drenched in fires Doomed devotion, desperate plea Damned desire, death to me.

The Phoenix (timelapse) The Phoenix (2023) - chopsticks, paper straws, pencils & porcelain The Phoenix, a stunning bird, rises from its ashes, reborn from the flames. Its tears heal wounds, its feathers glow brightly. Though many seek to capture it, the Phoenix represents hope and renewal, its power untamable by mortals.

Bacon on Clotheslines

In the small town of Yaoli, in China, the people's lives were marked by their poverty. They lived simply, with little access to the modern amenities and conveniences that we often take for granted. Yet, despite their hardships, they found ways to make do with what they had. Their resourcefulness and creativity shone through in [...]