Clay’s Historical Discoveries

Ancient city of Uruk In the world of archaeology and paleontology, clay has played a significant role in preserving numerous discoveries that provide insights into our past. Over the years, various fascinating artifacts and fossils have been unearthed from within layers of clay, shedding light on ancient civilizations, extinct creatures, and even prehistoric environments. One [...]

Breaking Boundaries: A Comparative Analysis

Rochefort Mabry Lauren Mabry and Brian Rochefort are two prominent ceramic artists whose works have gained recognition and acclaim in the contemporary art world. Although they have distinct styles and techniques, there are some parallels and similarities that can be drawn between their works. Both Mabry and Rochefort are known for their experimental and innovative [...]

Voulkos Revolutionized Ceramics

Peter Voulkos was a renowned American ceramist who played a significant role in revolutionizing the field of ceramics. Born to Greek immigrant parents in 1924, he grew up in the United States and served as an airplane gunner in the Pacific during World War II. After the war, he attended Montana State College, where he [...]

Making Porcelain Slip for Slipcasting

Slipcasting is a popular technique for creating ceramic objects. (Here are some examples of my work, which was all done in slipcast). The process involves pouring a liquid clay mixture, called slip, into a plaster mold. As the plaster absorbs the water from the slip, a solid layer of clay forms on the interior of [...]