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About Day 12

Day 13 – Their essentially done, and now it’s just a matter of strengthening them up by pouring additional layers of the epoxy resin. I went through about 20 gallons on them.

This was during my last night as I was finishing up everything.

This was my final night with these 2 monsters as I would be leaving for Taiwan the next day. I’ll blog about that soon since it’s a crazy story for the ages.

The ceramics and kiln economy is central to everything in Jingdezhen. This bustling city is a hub of activity, with people working right out on the sidewalks. However, the close proximity of food, trash, and kilns can create a challenging environment. It’s not uncommon to see women welding kilns alongside other workers, all playing a vital role in the thriving ceramics industry.

Miscellaneous studio and Taoxichuan pictures. I had the pleasure to share the space with Soe Yu Nwe for my final 2 weeks at the International Studio. She had recently graduated from the prestigious ceramics program at RISD.

You better look both ways when you’re crossing any intersection in China. Traffic is pretty heavy, especially with scooters.

Finishing up and winding down.

The Moiidea Porcelain Sink Factory

The Moiidea porcelain sink factory with friends Toby and Ding-Dong

This man and his establishment was a place I frequented daily. He had a very easy address to remember, and he was the first shop outside of Taoxichuan. Unfortunately, they tore his place down (like they did everywhere in JDZ).

Visit UNESCO to learn more about Jingdezhen and its surrounding areas

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