Un-Ordinary or Extra-Ordinary?

The choice between being un-ordinary and being extraordinary is not a straightforward one. Both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and what is deemed as positive depends on individual preferences, circumstances, and goals.

Being Un-ordinary:

Being un-ordinary means being different from the majority of people in terms of behavior, thinking, and lifestyle. It is about embracing individuality and rejecting societal norms and expectations. Here are some of the positives of being un-ordinary:

  1. Creativity and innovation:

Un-ordinary people are often creative and innovative. They think outside the box and come up with ideas that are unique and groundbreaking. They are not afraid to challenge the status quo and explore new possibilities. This creativity and innovation can lead to new inventions, businesses, and solutions to problems.

  1. Authenticity:

Un-ordinary people are true to themselves. They do not conform to societal expectations and norms, but rather follow their own path. This authenticity allows them to be honest with themselves and others, leading to stronger relationships and a more fulfilling life.

  1. Freedom:

Being un-ordinary gives you the freedom to be who you want to be. You are not restricted by the expectations and pressures of society, but rather can live a life that is true to yourself. This freedom can be empowering and liberating.

Being Extraordinary:

Being extraordinary means being exceptional and standing out from the crowd. It is about achieving greatness and surpassing expectations. Here are some of the positives of being extraordinary:

  1. Success:

Extraordinary people often achieve great success in their chosen field. They are driven, focused, and dedicated, and are willing to put in the hard work to achieve their goals. This success can bring financial rewards, recognition, and a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Inspiration:

Extraordinary people can be an inspiration to others. They can motivate and encourage others to achieve their own goals and aspirations. By setting an example of excellence and determination, they can inspire others to reach for their own dreams.

  1. Self-improvement:

Being extraordinary often requires continuous self-improvement. Extraordinary people are always striving to be better, to learn more, and to improve their skills and abilities. This constant self-improvement can lead to personal growth, self-awareness, and a greater sense of purpose.

Being un-ordinary and being extraordinary have their own positives. Being un-ordinary can lead to creativity, authenticity, and freedom, while being extraordinary can lead to success, inspiration, and self-improvement. Ultimately, the choice between being un-ordinary and being extraordinary depends on individual preferences and goals. Whether you choose to embrace your individuality or strive for greatness, what is important is that you are true to yourself and live a life that is fulfilling and meaningful to you.

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