Tornado, Mixed media sculpture (2023)

In my sculpture titled “Tornado,” I aim to capture the tumultuous essence of a natural disaster and explore its symbolic resonance in human experience. The swirling vortex of the tornado represents the uncontrollable and chaotic forces that can uproot our lives and leave us in a state of disarray.

As a symbol, the tornado is loaded with meaning, representing both destruction and renewal. It embodies the cycle of life and death, reminding us of the impermanence of all things and the inevitability of change. By creating a three-dimensional representation of this powerful symbol, I hope to evoke a visceral response in the viewer and prompt reflection on the cyclical nature of existence.

To achieve this effect, I used a variety of materials and techniques to capture the dynamic energy of the tornado. The twisted and jagged edges of the sculpture convey a sense of raw power and destructive force, while the fluid curves and sweeping lines suggest the unpredictable and ever-shifting nature of the storm.

Overall, “Tornado” is an exploration of the symbolic resonance of natural disasters and their place in the human experience. It invites the viewer to confront the reality of impermanence and embrace the ever-changing nature of life.

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