I Made Dinosaur Platters from the Master’s Work

I know they thought I was crazy…

Through my exploration of ceramic art, I have found inspiration in the theme of extinction. I had the incredible opportunity while in Shangyu, to collaborate with the pottery gurus at the Celadon Center. Their large porcelain platters were masterfully wheelthrown, but lacked a concept that spoke to me. That’s when I decided to transform these platters into ‘Dinosaur Platters‘ by adding plastic dinosaur toys onto them.

This juxtaposition of fine ceramic craftsmanship with mass-produced plastic toys is a commentary on the fleeting nature of existence and the inevitable extinction of all living things. By using toys as a medium for artistic expression, I hope to challenge the boundaries between high art and popular culture, and invite viewers to reflect on the impact of human activity on the natural world.

Ultimately, my work seeks to evoke a sense of nostalgia for a time long gone, while also highlighting the urgency of environmental issues (micro-plastics) in our contemporary society. This is an underlying theme in my work in regard to the Anthropocene Era.

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