I still think about the canoe that got away

I had a canoe (here is the sculpture I made to remember it by) when I was a little kid, maybe 12. I kept the canoe in my backyard on the lagoon I lived on. That summer we had torrential rains for days. Unfortunately, the canoe came untethered from the bank that it was tied up on. The next morning, I saw some people fishing it out of the water and loading it onto their truck. It was down the waterway a little ways, but for some reason I didn’t do anything and I didn’t say anything to anyone. This episode taught me to be more assertive in life. If this happened to me today, there’s no way I would let that happen. It’s funny how you learn these types of lessons when you’re really young and hopefully they stick to you if you’re lucky. it’s been 30+ years since then and I haven’t lost a canoe since😀

A red canoe rests on a rocky shore of a calm blue lake in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota

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