Avian Captivity

As I gaze upon my latest timelapse creation, Avian Captivity, I feel a twinge of sadness mixed with wonder. The delicate porcelain bird sits perched atop a nest made of paper straws, a symbolic representation of the beauty and fragility of nature. But it is the bird’s expression that truly captivates me – a mixture of longing and resignation, as if it knows its fate is to be confined to a cage. The juxtaposition of the bird’s delicate porcelain form and the starkness of the paper straws is a reflection of the contrast between the natural world and the artificial constructs that threaten it. Avian Captivity is a reminder that we hold the power to protect or destroy the world around us, and it is up to us to choose wisely.

#art #timelapse #trapped #ceramics #beauty #contemporary

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