Opening an Art Gallery and Warren MacKenzie

So, I just opened my new art gallery in Naples, Florida on December 1st, to great success. It’s been a busy year to say the least. It all started in January, when I was coming off of an awesome meeting with legendary potter Warren MacKenzie! He’s a true Master and I was fortunate to have met him and to have had the chance to watch him working via a one on one setting. He told me of how he met Bernard Leach and Hamada among the many other people he’d met in his 93 years. It was a very cold day; maybe in the low teens, and Warren and I walked at least 100 yards down a snow covered path (and down what seemed like a 45 degree hill) to get to his studio. I found Mr. MacKenzie’s kindness to spend time with me (being a complete stranger) as very inspiring.  It’s been nearly a year to the day, and I hear he’s not doing so well.  It was a time I will always remember and cherish. Thank you Warren!

Me and Warren in his studio

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